We are on a journey

What bag would you choose for your best companions?

What would you pack in your bag when you prepare for a long journey or short journey?

The first word come up to our mind is light-weighted as we don’t need one heavy companion to burden. The second is durable because we might need pack lots of essential stuff inside, especially for long journey. The third word is dirt-resistant so the body color need be darker.

We divide them into three categories by their spec .

First the big items, we could use them to pack our world. They are the first and the most important to protect our stuff from dirt, water, sunshine etc.,

Then the medium items, we could use them to pack our cosmetic products, skincare products, little stuff etc.,

And the last is the smaller/smallest items, they protect our small electronic products/cosmetic products etc.,

Thus, we recommend our below Product portfolios for you, which would be your best companions in your journey.

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