The major bags& luggage markets in China

The export amount of bags&luggages products in China reached as much as 26 billion US dollars in 2018,which was contributed by our several domestic major bags&luggages markets.

There are several major bags&luggages markets across China. Each market has its own characters and best strengths.

i.          Guangzhou/Dongguan/Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

ii.          Wenzhou/Yiwu/Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

iii.           Baoding,Hebei Province

iv.          Xiamen/Quanzhou,Fujian Province

v.          Tsingtao, Shandong Province

Among the several major markets, the first one from Guangdong province is the biggest market in China, thousands of manufacturers of bags&luggages cluster in this area Pearl River Delta. What’s more, Guangdong province is also well-known for producing and exporting garments. The supply chain for apparel & fashion in Guangdong is complete and mature with long history.

The bags&luggages market in Guangdong is good at manufacturing different types of fashion accessories with different material. There are several leading raw material markets (genuine leather, synthetic leather, hardware, lining etc.) and leading finished products markets in Guangzhou, which provide bags&luggages manufacturers and buyers abundant accessible resources and first-time trendy fashion info.

Compared with the Pearl River Delta market, the Yangtze River Delta market is smaller but it also has complete and mature supply chain for bags&luggages, especially Yiwu city. Yiwu is globally famous for its small commodities market, so that buyers of various commodities could finish the whole purchasing at one time in Yiwu.

The Baoding bags&luggages market is the biggest market in the north part of China, next to Beijing city (the capital of China), playing an increasingly important role in the Chinese bags&luggages market these years, providing domestic and foreign markets various fashion accessories like other bags&luggages market.

All of the above three bags&luggages markets are good at making fashion accessories like women bags, men bags, kid bags, wallet, belts etc.

Sport garment, shoes, accessories manufacturing is one of the key industries in Fujian Province. The whole supply chain for sport items is professional. A variety of sport bags/backpacks, military bags/backpack is the best-selling products among the sport accessories.

The final bags&luggages market is Tsingtao, which is out-standing for the straw items like straw bags, hats, pads etc. The workers are good at making various straw bags by hand in the straw industry in Shandong province. The plain straw become handcraft under their hand weaving.

Excluding the above markets, there are still more bags&luggages markets in China. welcome to share your experience and information of other markets with us. Or do you have any info to add?


Written by the Cloris Fashion Sales Team

 15th Nov,2018