Brief introduction of pet accessories

Brief introduction of  Pet accessories 

Pet accessories (small leather goods/polyester bag/backpack for pets) is our new line in 2019.

Here is the background of the new product line:

Half of our colleagues raise pet dogs and cats, one of whom raise 8 cats with family members, one of whom raise 5 dogs with family members, the rest of them raise one dog/cat at home. We encountered various problems in the process of raising them, including find the suitable rope/carrier bag/backpack.
We also noticed that more and more people choose pets to be their daily companions, their family members, thus we decide to open new line for pets. Our cats and dogs could be the models!

About pet accessories, they need to be durable, light-weighted and dirt-resistant, ventilated for bags and backpacks . These material like canvas, nylon, polyester, mesh, genuine leather could be premium choices.

The processing of manufacturing pet accessories is same as fashion accessories for women, but we need pay attention to the comfort of pets when they are wearing the ropes /staying in the bags and backpacks. We would choose the breathable material for bags/backpacks or add one special mesh window to ventilate.

P.S. Concerning pet carrier bag and backpacks, currently we only design for the small and medium ones whose weights are lower than 25kgs.

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 Written by Cloris Fashion sales team

  15th May 2019